An Pobal A Phéinteáil was published by Coiscéim Press in December 2018. The book includes a small selection of photographs depicting the life and work of Gerard ‘Mo Chara’ Kelly.

Also available for viewing and downloading is a (free) pdf of the English-language version, Painting My Community.

This site provides additional and larger photographs alongside relevant excerpts from the book, as well as a complete catalogue of Mo Chara’s work.


For their generosity in allowing us to use their images, we would like to thank: Springhill Community Centre and Ciaran Cahill, Féile History/Stáir Na Féile and Féile An Phobail, Bill Rolston, Deborah Saleeby-Mulligan, Sophie Robnard, Pat Kachuk.

Many images on this site are of unknown provenance. To claim ownership of an image (or to request an image be taken down) please contact extramuralactivity@gmail.com.

At the same address, we would be pleased to receive any additional images of Mo Chara’s work and activities that readers are willing to share.

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